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About US – Pacific Coast Call Centres

Pacific Coast Call Centres (PCCC) is a call centre for taxi companies right around Australia. Located in Coffs Harbour, our skilled staff look after many aspects of its customers company from dispatching work to vehicles, to accounts and reporting.

Pacific Coast Call Centres has only been in operation since February 2013 with Lithgow being the first taxi company to give us a go. For Lithgow, this was a huge gamble since us as a call centre had no track record to go by. There were limited companies supplying this service at the time and because there was no competition, costing appeared to be inflated to taxi companies.

Lithgow is still with us today and are very happy they took the plunge. We now have many companies on our books and we are expanding at a rate that we have control over. We realise that customer satisfaction is paramount and making sure the companies that have trusted us with their dispatch get the full support they deserve.

There is a huge wealth of experience managing the call centre. The management team of this company consists of people who own and manage taxi plates, and have managed taxi companies before. They are still directors of taxi companies, and are very much involved with the industry in general. Over many years they have seen the taxi industry change and decided that there needed to be a more efficient, cost effective way to dispatch work to taxis. Hence Pacific Coast Call Centres was born.

We have a very close working relationship with GPC Australia which provides us with superb technical assistance if required. They have qualified Autocab engineers with a range of skillsets for all manner of situations that arise.

If you belong to a taxi company which is looking to improve its service by availing itself of the latest technology, or is coming to the end of a contract with one of our competitors, and you are unsure of whether they have your company’s best interest at heart or the expenses are stifling your business, give us a call or email us, and we will be only too happy to show you the benefits of upgrading to the best the taxi industry has to offer.