Detailed Services

Here are a look at some of our more detailed services that we provide here at Pacific Coast Call Centres.

Loyalty Cards

For Account Customers:
Customer swipes card before journey starts.
Driver can see account is valid.
At end of journey, fare is automatically debited to customer’s account.

Pay as you Go:
Pre-loaded with credit (can be done online).
Payment for fare is quick efficient and safe.
The ideal gift card.

Reward your accounts & regular customers:
Set up your own loyalty card scheme for your account and regular customers, provide them with points and rewards for using your services.

Voice Recording

Voice-Recording Services
Our Voice Recording allows:

  • Recording of all incoming calls.
  • Instant playback of recorded calls.
  • Increased dispute resolution.
  • No extra hardware required.
  • 30 years of recording can stored.
  • Audio recording can be emailed or sent as SMS.

Automated Booking

Auto-Booking Services
Can be done 3 different ways:

  1. Mobile booking via our smartphone app for android and apple users. 131008 customers can also use the AWT app.
  2. E-booking can be used by guests / hotels / resorts and pubs to book multiple customers their taxis, as well as individuals.
  3. IVR bookings can be enabled so that a customer can book their taxi without having to speak to an operator. They are presented with voice prompts to select their desired pickup point, and a booking is automatically made (future bookings not possible with IVR).

Ringback / Textback

Ringback is a practical feature for customers not using a mobile phone. The driver simply activates a button.
This will automatically ring the customer (ring twice and then hang up) to let them know their taxi is approaching.
This reduces waiting time as they can meet the taxi outside.

Textback is an alternative to ring back. You can send a message to your clients to let them know the status of their booking. These messages can be sent at three points:
1) Taxi is waiting outside
2) Company courtesy message
3) Job Completion

Easy-to-use Interface

The Autocab built Ghost system has been built from the ground up and is a Windows-based operating system. This brings an array of easy-to-use features to cater for all your booking, dispatch and fleet management needs.
The bright and vivid displays and easy to navigate menus make Ghost the most user-friendly system ever created.

The Ghost System is:
Modern in appearance
Incredibly simple to navigate
Crystal clear highly visible icons
Practical Shortcut keys

Full A-Z Street Database

Our Ghost Operating System is equipped with a full A to Z database and street level mapping to make booking even more efficient. When entering a booking the operator needs only to confirm the date and time, type in the house number and the first letter of the address and press enter, a list of address’ is then displayed and the operator can simply select the correct one.

In Depth Detailed Maps

Mapping Services
Our mapping database one of the most comprehensive on offer.

Australia is made up of more than 1,000,000kms of roads and highways with an ever increasing population, new roads, developments and suburbs popping up at a rapid rate.

Cities, regional centres and small towns constantly change and we update mapping to capture, interpret, cross-check and integrate turn by turn navigation data to enhance in car navigation.

Locate a driver instantly via GPS

With our accurate GPS we can:

  • Know exactly where a driver is instantly.
  • Locate drivers using driver ID’s.
  • See different icons to highlight driver’s location.
  • Use google maps street view to assist operators.

Detailed Booking Records

All information about jobs are recorded within the Ghost system, from when it was booked, sent to a car, when the meter was engaged and cleared, to when it was completed.
This detailed information can then be used to create many useful reports to analyse the performance of your business. This information can also be used to generate necessary reports required by Government bodies around Australia.

Flexible Accounts Package

Account jobs can be invoiced by Pacific Coast Call Centres, which can then be sent to you so you can invoice your account customers.

Swift processing of account information.
Essential to running a swift business.
Easy, flexible and customisable.