Driver FAQ

Here is a short FAQ with frequently asked questions by drivers. We will add to this as new questions arise.

Why did another car get a job instead of me?

Before a job is dispatched, the system selects the best car for the job based on rules that are determined by company managers. The other car may have been in a better position to complete the job efficiently. Your vehicle may not meet the specific requirements for the booking (different type of vehicle requested), and the other vehicle may also have had a No Job recently (vehicles with no jobs are given priority).

If you believe you should have received the job instead, you will need to provide a manager of your company with Date, Time and Car Numbers involved. Someone can then look into it and provide an explanation.

When I touch the screen, it is not accurate.

The screen on your terminal may need to be calibrated. To complete this, please go see a company manager who can perform this.

I have lost my signal, what should I do?
  1. Wait a couple of minutes to see if your connection is re-established. If you are unsure, do a Status command on the terminal. You will either receive your status from the system, or will be told it failed. You may be in a poor signal area, or an issue with mobile services in the area that should be rectified shortly.
  2. If you continue to have problems with connection, you will need to contact your company manager.
I can’t remember how to do “xyz” on my terminal.

You can check out our Online Training page for visual instructions on how to perform important Minos functions.