Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Pacific Coast Call Centres and how our system works. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using our Contact Us page.

What States do you provide services for?

We service companies Australia wide. We currently have companies in most states.

How would my taxis communicate with your system?

Your taxis communicate with our system via the Telstra Mobile Network. We use Telstra because they have the broadest coverage, with high reliability.

What happens if your internet / phones / electricity fails?
  • Internet Failure – we have multiple internet lines using different methods of internet connection. Should our main internet have an issue, our system will automatically switch to a backup, with no downtime or human intervention.
  • Phone Line Failure – Should our phone lines experience issues, backups are in place to switch to a VOIP system with Telstra. This means that your calls would always be answered, even if the worst happens.
  • Power Outage – All critical systems are connected to our UPS so that they never go down during a power outage. We have a generator that can sustain the buildings energy needs for as long as necessary until power is restored.

Basically, we have backups for our backups. We recognise that the most important thing is taking calls from your customers, and getting those jobs to your taxis so they can work.

Would I need to take stuff out of my taxis to install your system?

Our system is designed to work with all standard taxi equipment such as meters. When installing our units in your taxis, the only thing that you would need to remove are any other dispatch systems from other operators.

Our units are able to have an internal meter enabled instead of your conventional meter should you wish to switch. This allows many benefits. Our meter requires no service, is centimetre accurate and we handle tariff increases.

Where is your call centre located?

Our call centre is located in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

How much does it cost?

Every company is different. To ensure we give you the correct price, please fill out our Free Quote form.