Our Services

Our services include answering all calls to your local number, jobs entered into the system and the jobs dispatched to the cars either by GPRS or radio over Internet. All statistics and records are kept on your behalf, emergencies monitored and your customer accounts managed. What more could a taxi network need?

The entire package of items as listed is provided for the one monthly fee per vehicle – there are no hidden costs

Monthly fees include the use of a state-of-the-art Mobile Data Terminal in your vehicles, all featuring touch screen technology.
Here are some of the features of our technology:

  • Over 2 decades of development
  • A total ‘windows’ based system
  • System has many innovative features
  • Designed using cutting edge technology
  • Designed using .net, c# & SQL technology
  • Improves work flow & business efficiency
  • Makes the operators’ job quick & simple
  • For more features of our system, please view our Detailed Services

The Pacific Coast Call Centre comprises TWO main components:
1. The taxi management and dispatch software within the call centres base.
2. Terminals in the vehicles.

Information and data is sent between these two components allowing the operator:

  • To allocate jobs to active drivers.
  • To monitor and locate cars at all times.
  • To view all zones in extensive detail.