PCCC vs. Competitors

If you are considering moving to a data dispatch system, there are a few options available. Here is a comparison between PCCC and some of the other competitors out there:

  PCCC Competitors
Textback for Customers Unlimited use, provided for free by PCCC. No free SMS, charged per SMS sent by your drivers. (25-50c / SMS)
Driver Communication with Dispatch Centre Unlimited use, included in our monthly fee. Limited talk time for free, excess charged per minute.
System Offline Time Minimal, except for Software updates, which can take up to 5 minutes. Has been reputed to be offline for upwards of 120 minutes on several occasions in the past.
Airport Browsing Free Charged per vehicle per month
Satellite Navigation Free and included in our terminals Charged extra per vehicle
IVR Free Competitors may charge per IVR call taken.
Call Charges No charge based on calls taken. Included in monthly fee. You are charged for every call taken by a dispatch centre
Monthly Account customer invoicing Free May charge extra, or may not be available.
Choice of MDT Both Fixed and Portable options available. Only fixed option available in most cases.
Dispatch Method Can use both Radio and Mobile Networks to dispatch your work. Can only use the Mobile Network to dispatch work to vehicles.
Customer Card Payments (EFTPOS) Can Integrate with PayPal Here, which takes around 2% Fee on all Transactions. Not Integrated. Other EFTPOS Units can take between 5-10% Transaction Fee for each use.

Our fees which we charge are all inclusive. There are no extra charges for phone calls, call diversions, IVR or apps. Here is an example comparing a real live call centre company and a company of the same size with our competitors:

Fleet Size =  14 cars  With Competitors With PCCC
Call Costs (only includes calls taken by call centre) 27800 calls @ $0.75 per call $20,850.00 Included FREE
Redirection  Cost Per Call(Unless using 131008) 27800 calls @ $0.75 per call $20,850.00 EXTRA Included FREE
Lease Fee (Over 3 Months) 14 Cars @ $250/month $10,500.00 14 Cars @ $495/month $20,790.00
Textback (Est. 10% of calls) 2780 @ $0.29c each $806.20 Included FREE
Voice Call To Passenger(Est. 10% of calls) 2780 @ $0.34c / 30sec $945.20 Included FREE
Voice Request to Base First 30 Minutes / Month free for fleet $500.00 Estimated Provided by SIM Supplier Dependant on SIM Plan
IVR (Est. 20% of calls) 5560 @ $0.10 each $556.00 Included FREE
Card Payments (In Car) 5-10% of all Transactions as Fee Variable 2% of all Transactions 3-8% Gain
Total for 3 Months (Not including Redirections) $34,157.40   $20,790.00
  Saving over 3 Months $13,367.40 Plus 3-8% of Card Transactions

As you will see for yourself, the cost can be nearly double our fixed price with what we believe to be inferior dispatch systems.

If you are interested in learning more about PCCC and its services, you can head through to our Services page. You could also request a Free Quote or Contact Us.