“Amity Taxis subscribed to the call centre with some trepidation as we all hate change.

In hindsight we wished we had done so much earlier. Customer reaction has been mixed for the same reasons but in general very positive. As with all new business ventures there are the odd hiccups but compared with our old ways these are very minor.

The pressure taken off of our management and freedom that it gives the drivers is enormous as they can concentrate on the customer instead of the old two way radio. Our drivers are happy that all is fair our fuel use is down, waiting times are down, and our stress levels are at an all time low.

We can only see it improving from here on.”

Scully & Sandy, Managers of Amity Taxis

“We went live on the 1st February 2013 and have been impressed with the efficiency and operation of the centre in relation to the professionalism from our operators and the efficient dispatch of jobs to Mobile Data Terminals.”

Colin, Manager of Lithgow Taxis